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HIST Head of Division

NamePost TitleTelephoneEmail
Prof Hannah BarkerProfessor of British
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HIST Academic staff

NamePost TitleTelephoneEmail
Prof Hannah BarkerProfessor of British
Prof Keith BrownVice-President & Dean of
Dr Laurence BrownHonorary Research
Dr Ana Carden-CoyneSenior Lecturer In War and
Dr Georg ChristSenior Lecturer in Medieval & Early Modern
Dr Kathryn DuttonLeverhulme Early Career
Prof Paul FouracreProfessor of Medieval
Dr Pierre FullerLecturer in East Asian
Prof Peter GatrellProfessor of Economic
Dr Till GeigerHonorary
Dr Anindita GhoshSenior Lecturer in Modern Indian
Dr Christopher GoddenLecturer in the Economic History of
Dr Sasha HandleySenior
Dr Charles InsleySenior Lecturer in Medieval
Dr Leif JerramSenior Lecturer in Modern
Dr Max JonesSenior Lecturer in Modern
Prof Stuart JonesProfessor of Intellectual
Dr Aaron MooreLecturer in East Asian
Dr Sarah RoddyLecturer in Modern Irish
Prof Frank MortProfessor of Cultural
Dr Linda
Dr Stephen MossmanSenior Lecturer in Medieval
Dr Eloise
Dr James HopkinsUniversity Historian and Heritage
Dr Irene O'DalyResearch
Dr Allan KennedyResearch Associate in British/Scottish
Dr Christian GoeschelLecturer in Modern European
Dr Paul OldfieldSenior Lecturer in Medieval
Dr Steven PierceSenior Lecturer in Modern African
Dr Philipp RoessnerLecturer in Early Modern
Dr Jenny SpinksLecturer in Early Modern
Prof Julie-Marie StrangeSenior
Prof Penny SummerfieldProfessor of Modern
Prof Bertrand TaitheProfessor in Cultural
Dr Aashish VelkarLecturer in Economic
Dr Charlotte WildmanLecturer in Modern British
Prof Yang-Wen ZhengProfessor, Chinese
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