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Dr  Gareth Clay - Publications


List of publications

Journal article

  • Clay, Gareth D, Worrall, Fred, and Aebischer, Nicholas J. "Carbon stocks and carbon fluxes from a 10-year prescribed burning chronosequence on a UK blanket peat." Soil Use and Management 31, no. 1(2015) : 39-51. eScholarID:260793 | DOI:10.1111/sum.12164
  • Clay, Gareth D, and Worrall, Fred. "Estimating the oxidative ratio of UK peats and agricultural soils." Soil Use and Management 31, no. 1(2015) : 77-88. eScholarID:260795 | DOI:10.1111/sum.12155
  • Clay, Gareth D, and Worrall, Fred. "Oxidative ratio (OR) of Southern African soils and vegetation: Updating the global OR estimate." Catena 126(2015) : 126-133. eScholarID:240854 | DOI:10.1016/j.catena.2014.10.029
  • Worrall, Fred, Burt, Tim P, Clay, Gareth D, and Moody, Catherine S. "A 19-year long energy budget of an upland peat bog, northern England." Journal of Hydrology 520(2015) : 17-29. eScholarID:241193 | DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.11.019
  • Worrall, Fred, and Clay, Gareth D. "The potential use of heather, Calluna vulgaris, as a bioenergy crop." 64(2014) : 140-151. eScholarID:225974 | DOI:10.1016/j.biombioe.2014.03.007
  • Reed, M.S., Hubacek, K., Bonn, A., Burt, T.P., Holden, J., Stringer, L.C., Beharry-Borg, N., Buckmaster, S., Chapman, D., Chapman, P., Clay, G.D., Cornell, S., Dougill, A.J., Evely, A., Fraser, E.D.G., Jin, N., Irvine, B., Kirkby, M., Kunin, W., Prell, C., Quinn, C.H., Slee, W., Stagl, S., Termansen, M., Thorp, S., & Worrall, F. "Anticipating and managing future trade-offs and complementarities between ecosystem services." Ecology & Society 18, no. 1(2013) . eScholarID:185811
  • Worrall, F., Clay, G.D., & May, R. "Controls upon biomass losses and char production from prescribed burning on a UK moorland: results from laboratory and field experiments." Journal of Environmental Management 120(2013) : 27-36. eScholarID:190045
  • Worrall, F., Clay, G.D., Masiello, C., Mynheer, G. "Estimating the oxidative ratio of the global terrestrial biosphere carbon." Biogeochemistry 115, no. 1-3(2013) : 23-32. eScholarID:199252 | DOI:10.1007/s10533-013-9877-6
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. "The response of CO2 fluxes from a peat soil to variation in simulated sheep trampling." Geoderma 197-198(2013) : 59-66. eScholarID:187408
  • Worrall, F; Clay, G.D. "The impact of sheep grazing on the carbon balance of a peatland." Science of the Total Environment 438(2012) : 426-434. eScholarID:175901 | DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.08.084
  • Worrall, F, Clay, G.D., Burt, T.P. & Rose, R. "The multi-annual nitrogen budget of a peat-covered catchment — Changing from sink to source?" Science of The Total Environment 433(2012) : 178-188. eScholarID:172836 | DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.06.032
  • Clay, Gareth D, Dixon, Simon, Evans, Martin G, Rowson, James G, and Worrall, Fred. "Carbon dioxide fluxes and DOC concentrations of eroding blanket peat gullies." Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 37, no. 5(2012) : 562-571. eScholarID:172832 | DOI:10.1002/esp.3193
  • Clay, Gareth D, Worrall, Fred, and Aebischer, Nicholas J. "Does prescribed burning on peat soils influence DOC concentrations in soil and runoff waters? Results from a 10 year chronosequence." Journal of Hydrology 448(2012) : 139-148. eScholarID:172830 | DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2012.04.048
  • Clay, Gareth D, and Worrall, Fred. "Charcoal production in a UK moorland wildfire - How important is it?" Journal of Environmental Management 92, no. 3(2011) : 676-682. eScholarID:172831 | DOI:10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.10.006
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F & Fraser, E.D.G. "Compositional changes in soil water and runoff water following managed burning on a UK upland blanket bog." Journal of Hydrology 380, no. 1-2(2010) : 135-145. eScholarID:172826 | DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.10.030
  • Clay, Gareth D, Worrall, Fred, and Rose, Rob. "Carbon budgets of an upland blanket bog managed by prescribed fire." Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 115, no. G4(2010) . eScholarID:172833 | DOI:10.1029/2010JG001331
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F. & Fraser, E.D.G. "Effects of managed burning upon Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in soil water and runoff water following a managed burn of a UK blanket bog." Journal of Hydrology 367, no. 1-2(2009) : 41-51. eScholarID:171804 | DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2008.12.022
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F, Clark, E & Fraser, E.D.G. "Hydrological responses to managed burning and grazing in an upland blanket bog." Journal of Hydrology 376, no. 3-4(2009) : 486-495. eScholarID:172824 | DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.07.055
  • Reed, M S, Bonn, A, Slee, W, Beharry-Borg, N, Birch, J, Brown, I, Burt, T P, Chapman, D, Chapman, P J, Clay, G D, Cornell, S J, Fraser, E D G, Glass, J H, Holden, J, Hodgson, J A, Hubacek, K, Irvine, B, Jin, N, Kirkby, M J, Kunin, W E, Moore, O, Moseley, D, Prell, C, Price, M F, Quinn, C H, Redpath, S, Reid, C, Stagl, S, Stringer, L C, Termansen, M, Thorp, S, Towers, W, and Worrall, F. "The future of the uplands." Land Use Policy 26(2009) : S204-S216. eScholarID:172829 | DOI:10.1016/j.landusepol.2009.09.013

Conference contribution

  • Clay, G.D. 2013. Controls on the formation, transport and fate of charcoal from moorland wildfires. In Wildfire UK 2013. eScholarID:224023
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F & Masiello, C. 2013. What controls the oxidative ratio of UK peats? A multi-site study of elemental CHNO concentrations in peat cores. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna. eScholarID:198359
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. 2012. Carbon stocks and carbon fluxes from a 10 year prescribed burning chronosequence on a UK blanket peat. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179709
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F. & Masiello, C. 2012. Oxidative ratio (OR) of UK peats. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179710
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F. & Rose, R. 2011. Carbon budgets of a peatland managed by prescribed fire. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179713
  • Evans, M.G., Worrall, F. & Clay, G.D. 2011. Interpreting carbon loss from surface recession in peatland gully systems. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179715
  • Clay, G.D. 2011. Media reporting of the spring 2011 wildfires in the UK. In Wildfire 2011. Buxton, Peak District, UK. eScholarID:179711
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F & Lloyd, A. 2011. Simulated livestock trampling and compaction of a peat soil - impact on gaseous CO2 fluxes. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179714
  • Clay, G.D., Fraser, E.D.G., Reed, M.S. & Worrall, F. 2011. Visitor perceptions of prescribed burning in northern England – is there a conflict between recreation and land management?. In ACES 2011: Conservation Conflicts: strategies for coping with a changing world. Aberdeen, UK. eScholarID:179712
  • Worrall, F., Rowson, J.G., Clay, G.D., Dixon, S.D., and Bell, M.J. 2010. Controls upon net ecosystem respiration from UK peatlands. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179721
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F., Rawlins, B & McMorrow, J. 2010. How hot is a wildfire? Using diffuse near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate changes in vegetation during combustion. In 15th International Diffuse Reflectance Conference. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. eScholarID:179718
  • McMorrow, J., Danson, F.M, Clay, G.D. 2010. Hyperspectral remote sensing of moorland wildfire scars. In Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society annual conference. Cork, Ireland. eScholarID:179717
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F., Marrs, R., & Reed, M.S. 2010. Impacts of burning management on peatlands. In IUCN Investing in Peatlands Conference. Durham, UK. eScholarID:179716
  • eed MS, Buckmaster S, Burt TP, Holden J, Clay G.D., Worrall F et al. 2010. Sustainable Uplands: Learning to manage future change. In Carbon in the Uplands Conference: Threats and Opportunities. Moffat, Scotland. eScholarID:179719
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. 2009. Carbon budget of a moorland wildfire - a multidisciplinary approach. In FIRES3: Interdisciplinary Research on Ecosystem Services. University of Manchester. eScholarID:179725
  • 17. Clay, G.D., Bonn, A, Danson, M, Dold, J., Evans, M, Hewson, W, Parnell, M, McMorrow, J & Worrall, F. 2009. Kinder-Grindsbrook wildfire - a case study. In Moors for the Future Research Day. Bakewell, UK. eScholarID:179722
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. 2009. Using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to investigate the effects of a moorland wildfire in the uplands of the UK. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179723
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. 2008. Are the UK peatlands a natural biochar production facility?. In 2008 Conference of the International Biochar Initiative. Newcastle, UK. eScholarID:179726
  • Clay, G.D., Worrall, F. & Fraser, E. 2008. Effects on water quality and CO2 fluxes following a managed burn of a UK blanket bog. In European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria. eScholarID:179728
  • Clay, G.D. & Worrall, F. 2007. The effects of burning and grazing on soils and water quality. In Carbon in Peatlands Symposium. Wageningen, Netherlands. eScholarID:179729


  • Clay, G.D. The Impacts of Heather and Grassland Burning in the Uplands: Creating Sustainable Strategies. University of Durham, 2009. eScholarID:172837

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