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Dr  Martin Dodge - Personal details


Contact details

Role: Senior Lecturer in Human Geography


Location: Arthur Lewis Building-1.045
School of Environment, Education and Development
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL


About Martin

Martin Dodge

Current details on my research are given on the blog and my main homepage

Hi, I work in the Department of Geography at the University of Manchester. My research focuses on conceptualising the socio-spatial power of digital technologies and urban infrastructures, virtual geographies, and the theorisation of visual representations, cartographic knowledge and novel methods of geographic visualisation.

I curated the well known Web-based Atlas of Cyberspaces (from 1995-2007) and have co-authored several books covering aspects of spatiality of computer technology: Mapping Cyberspace (Routledge, 2000), Atlas of Cyberspace (Addison-Wesley, 2001) and Code/Space (MIT Press, 2011). I have also co-edited a series of books, focused on the social and cultural meanings of mapping and the development of cartographic ideas: Geographic Visualization (John Wiley & Sons, 2008) and Rethinking Maps (Routledge, 2009), Classics in Cartography (Wiley-Blackwell 2010), The Map Reader (Wiley-Blackwell 2011), and Mapping - Critical Concepts in Geography (Routledge). I am also currently working on two further edited books and conducting primary research for Mapping Manchester project.

Page last updated June 2016.

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